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Introducing: Hangar 18 Pinups - Bawidamann Series!

We are very excited to announce our military pinup line: Hangar 18 Pinups - Bawidamann Series. 

Andrew Bawidamann’s pinups (http://www.bawidamann.com) evoke the style of old school bomber nose art. You have seen them on shirts all over the gaming conventions, and we’ve loved them for years. 

Last year we launched our Kickstarter for this project and it was a great success! Now with all the Kickstarter fulfillment has been completed, we are able to officially launch this line and make them available for purchase.

There are six 32mm and sixteen 54mm models in this line. All of the models are multi-parts and cast in high quality resin. Check out our store for this miniature line!


Happy Painting!
The crew at Hangar 18 Miniatures 

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